mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

Let's ROCK !!!!!


Today in Rome it was a beautiful sunny day and the winter seemed still far away to arrive.
When I see the sun I feel a lot of energy and I can think more positive than usual. Does it happen to you all as well??! ;)
So I decided to wear something "rock " to face this beautiful day!!
I love this sweater by Care of you: it has front and back made with two different workmanships and the  main characters are the  fringes , they are so actual!
I chose as fellow to spend the day with this beautiful doll/necklace - so cute-!!
A pair of destroyed denim by Diesel and my favourite studded leather bag by Zadig&Voltaire complete the outfit ;)
Let's rock :) kisses

    --- my rock outfit ---> ready to face the day

    --- my beautiful fellow ;) --- do you like her??!

    --- Sweater by Care of you : see different workmanships front/back---

   --- My outfit --->

     Sweater by Care of you
     Denim by Diesel
     Boots by Zara
     Sunglasses by Forever21
     Studded leather bag by Zadig&Voltaire
     Handmade necklace