mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

Do you feel like an hero or an heroine ?!?


Do you feel like an hero or an heroine ?!?
If you DO, you have to buy the New Bracelets by Cruciani!!! :)
In fact they've just created two new macramè bracelets, in cooperation with Warner Bros, inspired by Wonder Woman and Batman!!
Wonder Woman's bracelet is a perfect gift for all those women who work, study and run all the day. (I will definitely buy one :D)
Batman's bracelet is a smart present and a statement of strenght for all the men ;) !
Give a look here below to the two fabulous bracelets.
Wonder Woman's bracelet has been developed in only one  color while Batman 's bracelet in seven different tones (black, yellow, red, blue, violet, gray and light blue).
Here below you can find the link for the e-shop: