sabato 22 novembre 2014

Dolce&Gabbana for Claridge


Did you see the amazing Christmas tree by Dolce&Gabbana which has been inaugurated few days ago at Claridge's Hotel in London??? It's wonderful :) !!
The Christmas tree is embellished with 300 glass baubles blown by Bellagio's artisans and inspired to the flags of all the countries in the world. In addittion on the tree you can see gorgeous oversized ribbons ,dedicated to all the flags, which have been handmade by Dolce&Gabbana's tailors in Milan.
It's the second year that the two fashion designers create it! Only few names of innumerable special guests of the inauguration: Kylie Minogue, Anne Kendrick and Olga Kurylenko.
Moreover  for the opening ceremony Martyn Nail, which is Claridge's chef, created some sweets inspired to fall winter Dolce&Gabbana 's collection like owl shaped macaroons and chocolate leaves!!
I wish I was there as well !!!!!!! :'(