lunedì 24 novembre 2014

On TREND, an unusual handbad designer: Marie Serpui


As I  saw her creations I followed in love with them!!
Her name is Marie Serpui, she is a brasilian handbags designer.
Her clutches are unique and could be considered pieces of art! 
This amazing handbags designer mixes particular materials, techniques and colors. Her products are a mix influenced by typical craft markets and sophisticated elements taken from her city, Sao Paulo.
I love the clutches with the hand painted sweets on! So cute!!!!
For her creations she  uses only precious and selected materials as mother of pearl, snake skin and laquered wood embellished with Swarovski elements, handmade embroideries or paintings.
Furthermore you can notice a particular attention to colour combination which gives rise to her products for a fantastic and unusual results!
Looking to her clutches it makes you want to buy immediately one!
Here some pics for you :)
What do you think about them? I hope you enjoy them as I do :)